Libya: US Airstrikes Kill Dozens IS Militants near Sirte

Libya: US Airstrikes Kill Dozens IS Militants near Sirte

US airpower has carried sorties in Libya near Sirte killing close to 100 militants of the Islamic State group (IS), American defense officials announced.

Up to 108 bombs dropped by two B-2 Stealth bombers killed Wednesday around 100 militants of IS at some training camps of the group situated 30 miles from Sirte; the last bastion of the terrorist group, Fox New reports citing US officials.

The raids took place south of the coastal city, which was until December the stronghold of the terrorist group.

The US last year in August started backing the forces of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) to dislodge IS militants from the city after overrunning it in June 2015. GNA forces won the fight in December after driving out the terrorists.

Many of the militants killed on Wednesday were plotting attacks in Europe, the US Defense Secretary, Ash Carter said at a news conference. The assaults were authorized by outgoing President Barack Obama.

US Africa Command in December ended US air campaign in Libya following the fall of Sirte but indicated that it will continue targeting the group across the country.

Up to 495 US airstrikes were conducted from August till the end of the odyssey in December.

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