Marrakech, 11th Global Destination to Visit in 2017, New York Times

Marrakech, 11th Global Destination to Visit in 2017, New York Times

Marrakech has once again featured in the shortlist of world destinations worth visiting in 2017, as The New York Times classified the Moroccan city 11th among the top 52 places.

In its classification entitled “52 places to visit in 2017” The New York Times singles out Jardin Majorelle as a must-visit attraction.

The site located in the Ochre City is the final art work of French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) after forty years of hard and passionate work.

Jardin Majorelle, one of the most fabulously photogenic must-visit gardens in Marrakech, was originally built as a workshop for the French painter Jacques Majorelle in 1922. A keen botanist, the artist surrounded the building with a garden made up of exotic plants and rare species.

In 1937, he developed his own color – Majorelle blue – with which he used to paint the walls of the workshop and then the entire garden. The stunning spaces that resulted were opened to the public in 1947 until Jacques Majorelle’s death in 1962. Afterwards, the garden was abandoned and fell into ruin.

Yves Saint Laurent and his companion Pierre Bergé bought the site in 1980 to save it from being turned into a hotel complex. The pair established an art deco-style workshop on the site.

Another corner in the garden to visit is Villa Oasis, a museum dedicated to Berber culture and the designer’s private residence.

The garden will house a museum to display pieces of French famous fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent.

“A new museum dedicated to the work of the fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent will debut this fall in Marrakesh, showcasing thousands of sketches, couture garments and accessories” the US daily notes.

For its global ranking of places to visit, the daily places Canadian western coast of Vancouver Island as top of the destinations. The Island stands out for surfing activities in Tofino.

Chile’s Valle de la Muerte in Atacama Desert occupies the second place. Jama Masjid in Agra, India, comes third on New York Times’s global ranking for its attractions such as the Agra Pavilion, a glass-walled dining complex, the Mughal Museum.

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