Italy:  Moroccan citizen arrested for alleged terrorist plans

Italy: Moroccan citizen arrested for alleged terrorist plans

A Moroccan aged 30 has been nabbed for alleged terrorist plans in Italy after police found he has established contact with the Islamic State group (IS).
“He expressed willingness to perpetrate terrorist attacks, but no evidence of eminent action has been discovered,” said Antonio De Jesu, a Police commissioner in Milan.
The 30 years old man according to Italian media Il Corriere della sera was arrested after police intercepted a chat conversation between him and a man in Syria.
The suspect, according to the Italian media indicated that he was poised to stage attacks in Italy. He was arrested in his apartment on the outskirt of the Italian city on Friday. Police report also revealed that he had sent many times important sums of money to support IS.
He works at a shopping center in Arese commune, 15km from Milan.
The man according to reports arrived in Italy at the age of 12 but became radicalized in 2012 after a stay in Germany where he worked as assistant cook.
Police described him as a psychologically fragile person and easy to manipulate.
For De Jesu even though there are no tangible evidences against him, it is obvious that the man was in contact with a group of 25 people who left Germany between 2012 and 2014 to join IS ranks abroad.

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