Morocco Reiterates Commitment to Strong Ties with Russia

Morocco Reiterates Commitment to Strong Ties with Russia

Morocco has reiterated its commitment in favor of strong ties with Russia and its attachment to the strategic partnership between the two countries, which was established during a Royal visit in Moscow earlier this year.

This came during a meeting in Rabat between Morocco’s Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador in Rabat.

The Russian Ambassador, who was received at his request by the Moroccan Foreign Minister, expressed concern at the statements uttered recently by PJD Secretary General Abdelilah Benkirane.

Benkirane, who has been entrusted by King Mohammed VI with forming the government following the October 7 elections, accused Russia of responsibility over the destruction of Syria.

Moscow immediately expressed concerns over Benkirane’s statement to Al Quds newspaper.

During the meeting, the Foreign Minister made it clear that Morocco remains attached to the strategic partnership with Russia which was established during the visit King Mohammed VI paid to Moscow in March this year.

He then reiterated Morocco’s stance regarding the crisis in Syria, saying that the Kingdom supports efforts to reach a political solution to ensure the stability, territorial integrity and unity of Syria.

On the same occasion, the Moroccan official stressed the need for the involvement of the international community and for action on the ground to influence the course of events. In this regard, he commended Russia’s efforts as well as it role on several other international issues.

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