Spain-Morocco: Amnesty denounces migrants’ conditions in Ceuta, Melilla

London-based Human rights group Amnesty International Tuesday called on Spain and the kingdom of Morocco to respect the international law concerning migrants’ human rights after the NGO in a report accused both countries of inhuman treatment given to some migrants because of their nationality and sexual orientation.
Migrants largely hailing from Africa and Syria are subject to police abuses, instant expulsion and inhuman reception conditions in the two enclaves, Amnesty International slammed.
A set of interviews conducted by the NGO in October in the two the autonomous Spanish cities, in migrant camps revealed that both countries’ migration policy ignore the international law.
Physically disabled people, homosexuals, migrants of some nationalities such as Morocco and Algerian including Sub-Saharan migrants because of the colour of their skin, are targets of mistreatment, the NGO noted.
The report documented the case of 20 years old Guinean named Muhamed who spent seven hours on a fence at Ceuta in September.
“I called out the Guardia Civil that I was injured, I applied a tourniquet to my ankle but no one heeded my call,” Muhamed told Amnesty International.
Moroccan and Algerian migrants says the right group, once transferred on the Spanish peninsular are denied medical treatment.
Right group also revealed that Syrian migrants are subject to distortion and have been forced to pay large sums of money to traffickers in order to acquire fake documents. The report also finger-points Moroccan control officers who according to the right group forced a Syrian family to cross separately in order to avoid suspicions.
Moroccan control officers are also charged for misconducts towards a group of 60 homosexual migrants. The migrants at Melilla camp the report notes, were persecuted and had to wait between six months to one year before being transferred.

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