COP22 calls for Highest Political Commitment to Combat Climate Change

COP22 calls for Highest Political Commitment to Combat Climate Change

The Heads of state, government and delegations taking part at climate Summit COP22 adopted the Marrakech Action Proclamation for our Climate and Sustainable Development, which calls for the highest political commitment to combat climate change, as a matter of urgent priority.

The statement calls for reinforcing solidarity with the countries that are most exposed to climate change and underscores the need to support efforts aimed at enhancing their adaptive capacity and resilience.

The statement links efforts aiming at countering climate change with sustainable development by stressing the need to support efforts to eradicate poverty, ensure food security and take stringent action to deal with climate change challenges in agriculture.

The capability gap between countries of the North and the South, one of the main issues discussed at COP22, was given particular attention in the Marrakech Proclamation. “We call for urgently raising ambition and strengthening cooperation amongst ourselves to close the gap between current emissions trajectories and the pathway needed to meet the long-term temperature goals of the Paris Agreement,” said the Proclamation.

As for finance, the document calls for “an increase in the volume, flow and access to finance for climate projects, alongside improved capacity and technology, including from developed to developing countries.”

The statement stresses that low-carbon economy transition requires meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement, which “provides a substantial positive opportunity for increased prosperity and sustainable development.”

Held in Marrakech November 7-18, COP22 focused on exploring prospects for a faster implementation of the Paris agreement through nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

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