European Parliament sees Morocco as ‘Bulwark’ Against Terrorism in Mediterranean

European Parliament sees Morocco as ‘Bulwark’ Against Terrorism in Mediterranean

Thanks to its comprehensive approach that addresses the root-causes of extremism along with its proactive security strategy and vigilant intelligence and security services, Morocco was described by deputies at the European Parliament in Brussels as a ‘bulwark’ against terrorism in the Mediterranean region.

In this regard, a conference dubbed “Security and Stability in The Mediterranean: The Role of Morocco”, shed light on the measures taken by the Kingdom to counter the terrorist threat through a multidimensional approach combining security with socio-cultural, religious, development and human rights considerations.

The conference stressed Morocco’s key role as an intelligence partner for several European countries after the Kingdom security services helped foil several terrorist attacks that could have taken the lives of many innocents.

Speaking at the conference, Morocco’s Interior Minister, Mohammed Hassad, presented an overview of Morocco’s approach against extremism which addresses the theological root-causes of terrorism through a reform of the religious sphere by championing the lofty values of moderate Islam and training Imams from Morocco and beyond.

The event was an occasion to highlight the landmark speech by King Mohammed VI last August, in which the Monarch stood up against terrorism by shoving aside bogus religious claims and reminding the world that suicide and murder are not permitted in Islam.

The Interior Minister highlighted the cross-border character of terrorism, saying that combating this scourge hinges on a strengthened international cooperation.

During his visit to Brussels, Hassad met with European Commissioner for Migration and Home Affairs, Dimitris Avramopoulos. The two officials discussed migration issues along with the means to strengthen security and counter-terrorism cooperation between Morocco and the European Union.

The talks were an opportunity to tackle the forthcoming signing of a comprehensive agreement on security cooperation with EUROPOL, Hassad said.

For his part, the European official said that Morocco is a key partner for Europe in the field of security in a regional and international context marked by the upsurge of terrorism and the rise of extremism.

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