Libya: IS Car Bombings Kill Scores of Pro-GNA Fighters

Libya: IS Car Bombings Kill Scores of Pro-GNA Fighters

Misrata forces aligned with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) Thursday suffered twin car bombings perpetrated by the Islamic State group’s fighters in Sirte.

The bombings took place as the Government’s operation to clear Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown from the IS militants draws towards the end.

Thursday casualties, 12 in total, according to medical accounts relayed by Reuters were reported at Gharaibat Bridge, west of Sirte. More than 60 other fighters have been injured in the attacks.

GNA forces are close to a victory over the IS group as they have taken control of most districts of the 80,000-populated town which is now almost empty.

Misrata forces have this week taken from the jihadists Neighbourhood 2 district – located in central Sirte. They are moving towards Neighbourhood 1 and 3 where the militants are still resisting.

Regular forces Thursday claimed they killed three IS suicide bombers near Neighbourhood 2. The militants were killed before they could detonate their bomb belts.

GNA in May launched the anti-IS operation in view of liberating Gaddafi’s hometown turned into IS main stronghold in North Africa. It has since August 1 received airpower support from the United States, which says the intervention against the terror group is vital for the protection of American interests.

The Pentagon says more than 60 airstrikes have been launched against IS since August 1.

GNA this week said fall of Sirte is within days.

The GNA has started rubber stumping its authority on liberated areas of Sirte, Libya Herald reports. A convoy of six trucks loaded with humanitarian and medical relief reportedly arrived in Sirte on Wednesday from Misrata, Libya Herald further indicates.

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