Morocco’s OCP Invests in Water Desalination

Morocco’s OCP Invests in Water Desalination

32%47063_eco_18-03-2015_p10-1.qxpMorocco’s state-owned phosphates company (known by its French acronym OCP) will invest 2 billion dirhams in a water desalination plant in the Atlantic city of El Jadida.

Part of the OCP’s environmental strategy, the new plant will have a capacity of 75 million cubic meters per year as of 2020, its projected date of completion, of which 15 million cubic meters will be dedicated to drinking water.

The first phase of the project requires an investment of 800 million dirhams with a production capacity of 25 million cubic meters per year.

The OCP’s strategy also provides for the hydraulic transportation of the extracted phosphates from the mines to the transformation plant, as well as investing in waste water muddy water treatment.

The strategy includes building a water pipeline between Khouribga and Jorf Lasfar to help save millions of cubic meters of water per year. The El Jadida plant will thus add to another plant that is being built in Jorf Lasfar.

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