Algeria: Offshore Media Threatened with Shutdown

Algeria: Offshore Media Threatened with Shutdown

Algerian Minister of Communication Tuesday sent a last warning to offshore media broadcasting on the Algerian territory to abide by country’s communication regulation or see their programs shut down, reports say.

Out of 45 overseas television channels broadcasting in Algeria, only four channels namely Ennahar TV, Echorouk TV, El Djazairia TV and Dzair TV are officially authorized to operate, reports say.

Hamid Grine, Minister of communication wants to force the unauthorized media to abide by the country’s communication regulation.

Grine indicated to media that the move is to regularize the domain and assert government’s authority.

Grine received the support of the whole cabinet. Already in May Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal had warned the media operating without state authorization that they may face censorship if they don’t respect the country’s rules.

The Government’s regulatory move also covers online media, radio, newspapers and televisions.

Algiers is currently “waging” a war against private media. Authorities last week locked up Mehdi Benaissa, Head of critical KBC TV for recording a satiric program in what they claim is “an outlawed” studio.

Police last week prevented popular and critical newspaper el Watan to join its new offices despite a green-light from local authorities.

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