Algeria: Bouteflika Sues Le Monde over Panama Papers Scandal

The Algerian President has launched a lawsuit against French Paper le Monde for having published in April on its front page a picture of the Algerian President at the side of world leaders cited in the Panama Paper leaks.

President Bouteflika’s lawyers have reportedly demanded €10,000 for compensation for moral prejudice suffered by the Algerian President following the publication of his picture. President’s lawyers also demanded a condemnation of Le Monde’s Director Louis Dryfus for defamation and payment of €1 for compensation.

The case is to be settled on June 3, in Paris criminal court.

The information confirms a report by Jeune Afrique which last month indicated that President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika and his entourage sued le Monde for publishing the President’s picture in a financial scandal.

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