UAE Real Estate Group to Invest Over $ 31 Mln In Morocco

UAE Real Estate Group to Invest Over $ 31 Mln In Morocco

Real Estate Group Green Valley of the United Arab Emirates has announced plans to invest over $31 million to enhance its presence in thriving Morocco.

According to Ali Al Salami, General Director of the UAE group, which has already projects in the North African Kingdom, Morocco’s stability and its strong friendship ties with Emirati leaders have encouraged his group to build on its success stories and launch “Green Valley City Marrakech” project.

The city of Marrakech has been chosen due to its huge potential in tourism. The new Emirati project, to be built over four million square feet, includes 350 residential modern villas surrounded by green spaces.

Close to the local airport, this integrated project will also offer to residents a wide range of amenities and services including restaurants, coffee shops, a supermarket, health clubs, sports complex, children gardens, pedestrian walkways as well as areas for cyclers and bikers.

This new project will enhance further the attractiveness and position of Marrakech which is one of the ancient cities and most popular destinations. Brimming with markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, the city offers visitors mixed Arabian, European and Berber cultural influences.

It is dubbed the “Red City” known for its spices, souks, hammams, snake charmers, charming hotels, quirky cafes and trendy art galleries. Jema El Fena, one of the main attractions of the city, is home to Islamic art, Moroccan carpets and handmade jewelry.

As the sun sets, the square makes way for snake charmers, fortunetellers, magicians, Berber dancing boys and food stalls. Those who want to escape the bustling city life can retreat to Jardin Majorelle. Donated to Marrakech by Yves Saint Laurent before his death, the garden boasts an electric-blue art deco villa surrounded by a stunning botanical garden.

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