Algeria Listed among Authoritarian Regimes in 2015 Democracy Index Report

Algeria Listed among Authoritarian Regimes in 2015 Democracy Index Report

Does democracy itch the Algerian regime? The answers is yes according to 2015 Democracy Index report published by the Economist intelligent Unit which puts Algeria among authoritarian regimes around world, as it features at the 118th spot out 167 countries.

Democracy in Algeria is one of the worst in the Middle East and North Africa region says the report, entitled “Democracy in an age of anxiety.”

The report is based on five criteria namely electoral process and pluralism; civil liberties; the functioning of government; political participation; and political culture. Each category has a rating on a 0 to 10 scale.

Algeria’s overall score on the five criteria is 3.95 out, placing Algeria at the bottom rating of the region. In terms of electoral process and pluralism, Algeria has scored 3.

Functioning of government is another area where Algiers has a tall order to carry out. Regime scores 2.21, standing far behind neighboring Tunisia (6.7,) Morocco (4.47) and Mauritania (4.29.)

The Bouteflika regime is also criticized for giving less attention to political participation (3.89) and civil liberties (4.41). The only positive score attained is the aspect of political culture where the Algerian regime is granted 6.25.

The report defines Tunisia, 57th on the ranking, as the country in the region with true democratic advances.

Tunisia, in the wake of the Arab Spring revolution it spurred, has continued building the foundations of democracy. It furthermore moved from “hybrid democracy” to “flawed democracy,” the report said.

Norway (9.93), Iceland (9.58) and Sweden (9.45) respectively occupy the first three spots of the ranking as full democracies. They are followed by New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland and Canada.

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