Tunisia: Veteran Politician Ahmed Brahim Passed Away

Tunisia: Veteran Politician Ahmed Brahim Passed Away

Tunisia has lost Thursday one its veteran living politicians. Ahmed Brahim staunch opponent of ousted Ben Ali died Thursday at the age of 70.

Known as one of Tunisia’s seasoned politicians and federalist, Brahim was founder of the Tunisian leftist movement, Ettajdid, formerly known as Tunisian communist party which he joined in 1960.

Born in 1946 at Zarzis, Brahim was a university professor of comparative Literature and Linguistics. In 2009, he ran for presidential elections as secretary of Ettajdid against his foe Ben Ali. He only got 1.57 per cent of the votes.

He played a great role in the post-revolution area. He was appointed two times minister of higher education in Mohamed Ghannouchi’s two cabinets.

After his passage at the education ministry, he was elected as member of the parliament. In 2012 he merged his party with some political groups to form “Al Massar” party which he headed as first secretary till 2014, when his health condition forced him to give up his political career.

His fight for democracy and human rights earned him the praises of Prime Minister Habid Essid who paid tribute to him in a message to his family.

Essid praised the deceased for his great contribution for democratic transition process in post-revolution area.

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