Algerian Daily “El Khabar” Hails Morocco’s “spectacular growth” & Political Experience

Algerian Daily “El Khabar” Hails Morocco’s “spectacular growth” & Political Experience

Algerian newspaper “El Khabar” hailed on Thursday the “spectacular growth” and development achieved by rival neighboring Morocco, a country which has “neither oil nor gas.”

“Morocco has undoubtedly laid the foundations for an economic takeoff similar to that of Turkey, 20 years ago,” said the daily recalling the partnership agreements negotiated by Morocco with the European Union (EU.)

These agreements have enabled Morocco to accomplish a series of strides leading to current spectacular boom unleashed in Morocco, added the Algerian paper.

“Morocco has built a highway with international standards and at a half cost of the motorway we have built with Algerian standards,” deplored the columnist, noting that the motorists fees and returns generated contribute to the repayment of international loans.

The North African Kingdom has also a high-speed train though the country has not an extensive railway network as neighboring Algeria, wherein decision-makers are driving the country with a snail-speed.

While the Algerian government has shelved its ambitious renewable energy project, Morocco has built a gigantic solar plant, said the newspaper, making reference to the Noor solar project.

In the car industry, Morocco is currently producing tens of thousands of vehicles and exporting the surplus, creating thousands of job opportunities, added the columnist.

Regarding the political situation in Morocco, the Algerian daily commended the political openness, saying that Moroccan opposition can travel freely to neighboring Algeria to discuss the land borders closure between the two countries without being accused of treason as is the case for the Algerian opposition whenever it undertakes political action on the national or international scene.

The Algerian newspaper also cited the position expressed by late King Hassan II in 1992 when he spoke in favor of letting the Islamists, who won the elections, test political powers, a stand which irked some Algerians.

Today, Morocco has empowered the Islamists and let them govern the country, an experience which is yielding a political and economic miracle concluded the Algerian paper.

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