Morocco-KSA:  Riyadh to inject $22 bn into military armament project in Morocco

Morocco-KSA: Riyadh to inject $22 bn into military armament project in Morocco

Military cooperation between Morocco and Saudi Arabia is increasingly fostering as Riyadh promises to inject around $ 22 billion into a military armament project to be birthed out in Morocco.
Saudi Arabia according to Arabian media outlet Al Massae relayed by Moroccan local media has promised to inject around $ 22 billion into a mega military project scheduled to start this year and cover three years.
Reports add that Saudi Arabia made the promise during late 2015 military cooperation agreement sealed by two the kingdoms during the visit of Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Muhammad Ben Abdallah Al Ayesh.
Al Massae quoting some American military companies to be involved in the project indicates that the Saudi sponsorship will be used for establishment of a military armament production point in the North African country.
Aside from the financial package, the November agreement also talks about recruitment of world leading armament company capable of providing and imparting the necessary expertise to Morocco so that it becomes world arm producer.
Al Massae furthermore points out that Canadian Bombardier, European Airbus and France’s satellite producer Thales have been commissioned for the project.
Morocco and Saudi Arabia have signed solid military cooperation and Morocco has been engaged in Saudi-led international coalition in Yemen against Houthi Shia rebels backed by Iran. Morocco also late last year reportedly sent a contingent of special unit to Saudi Arabia to add up coalition forces.

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