Tunisia:  Former President Marzouki launches new party, charges current government for Tunisia’s current poor state

Tunisia: Former President Marzouki launches new party, charges current government for Tunisia’s current poor state

Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki Sunday launched his new party and charged the Tunisian ruling party Nidaa Tounes for plunging the country into abyss and making empty promises.
The 70 years old man at the conference told his supporters that the new party comes at the moment the country is nose-diving in all sectors of the country’s policy.
He also bashed the President Essebsi’s team for poor economy record saying that they brought Tunisia’s economy further down indicating that during his tenure in power 2011-2014, his team was able to lift Tunisia’s economic growth to three per cent compared to almost 0 per cent to be recorded this year.
Moncef Marzouki ran the country right after the overthrow of Ben Ali thanks to an alliance with Islamist moderate Islamist Ennahda party which won general election in 2011.
In an interview to AFP from him house in Sousse, the former President said his new party will be open to all Tunisians ready to build a new state caring for all Tunisian based on social foundation.
“We are indeed going to launch a party that I will head for a year or two before letting younger people take over as soon as possible,” Marzouki said.
“I’m going to work a lot on culture, because this is my true vocation,” he said.
“This dream is that we become a nation of citizens with social, economic, political and cultural rights — and enjoy them, which is not yet the case.”
He also in the interview laid into the ruling party which he says has no vision for the country.
“I wouldn’t say Tunisia today is badly governed. I would say that it is not governed at all,” he said.
“The situation is catastrophic. (…) I have been this catastrophe unfolding before my eyes, I have seen the collapse of the foreign policy and the economy,” he added.
He also added that he knew the ruling party would crumble but he did not expect it to be so soon.
On the security issue and the country’s counter-terrorism strategy, the Marzouki argued that “arresting thousands and resulting to torture only feeds terrorism.”
He also added that the 6,000 Tunisian Jihadists reported were fruits of Ben Ali’s wrong policy.
“All these young people were born under Ben Ali and went to Ben Ali schools. It wasn’t us who produced them,” he said refuting critics saying that he and Islamist party did not do anything to prevent the youth from joining IS.

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