Egypt: Arab media female figures launch their union

Arab female media personalities Sunday launched in Cairo their union with the blessing of the Arab League.
The initiative was sponsored by the Arab League and gathered several figures of 16 Arab countries.
For the Arab League General Secretary’ advisor, Falah Al-Mutari, the union will come in assistance to the Arab media organizations. He also indicated that syndicate will bolster the media sector in the Arab world.
In addition, for the chairperson of the Union, Asma Habashy, the union will be a “method of cooperation between Arab countries as well as a platform for Arab media practitioners to exchange ideas and information on several media issues including journalism and broadcasting.”
The union envisages achieving its goals through workshops, seminars, training courses to be organized in all Arab countries.
Reports also indicated that the ceremony also paid tribute to a number of key actors including Arab League Secretary General Nabil al Araby, Tunisian singer Latifa and Chairman of Kuwait’s Al Nahar newspaper Emad Bou khamseen.

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