Libya: GNC, HoR sign disagreement settlement accord and UN rejected it

Libyan rival factions Saturday signed in Tunis a declaration principle aiming at ending four years of conflict in the oil-rich North African country.
The one-off meeting between the General National Congress negotiating committee head by the deputy President of the Tripoli body, Mohammed Awad Abdul-Sadiq and the House of Representatives of Tobruk led by the Head of its National Dialogue Committee, Ibrahim Amaish has been blessed by Tunisia which has offered to host the two rival camp.
Both camps agreed to set up a joint committee of 10 members (five from each side) that will be tasked with appointing a Prime Minister which will be assisted by Deputies from both sides.
A Joint statement released after the meeting also indicated that another committee will be set up to ponder over amendment of Libya’s 1963 constitution judged by both sides as the best route to settle the country’s rivalries and establish a friendly and conducive climate to organize new elections in two years.
Reports say the declaration principle will be introduced to both related parliaments for approval before it enters into force.
The agreement was hailed by Abdul-Sadiq as historic and signifies Libyans’ desire to solve their own problem.
“This is a historic moment that all Libyans were waiting for, the Arabs were waiting for and the world was waiting for,” he said.
He also called on all Libyans, Libya’s neighbors and the international community to support this move.
“If this solution receives real Libyan support – from the people and institutions – we will surely arrive in no more than two weeks or a month to a solution to solve the political crisis,” he added.
The outcome of the Tunis meeting has been criticized by majority of the HoR members who rejected the participation of the HoR’s team saying that Ibrahim Amaish did not receive mandate to attend the meeting on behalf of the whole house adding that he acted on his own. Reports also say HoR’s President Ageela Salah Gawider gave a partial go-head to Amaish.
The Head of the UNSMIL Martin Kobler also turned his back to the agreement saying that only the UN-brokered dialogue agreement attended by all Libyans is genuine to end the conflict and turn stability of Gaddafi’s country.
“The country needs peace in unity, it is divided now,” Kobler told Aljazeera International on Sunday.
“It is now time for a rapid endorsement of the Libyan Political Agreement; the train has left the station.”

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