Morocco, a Civilizational Model of Coexistence between Cultures, Religions – Miguel Moratinos

Morocco constitutes a civilizational model of social coexistence between different cultures and religions, said Tuesday in Rabat, former Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos.

“Morocco has always been a nation respectful of the alliance of civilizations, and a land of coexistence between different cultures and religions that have contributed effectively to the country’s richness and assets,” said Moratinos.
The former Foreign Minister made the remarks during his participation in a conference held in Rabat, under the theme “The alliance of civilizations for a united world”.

The Kingdom’s interest in the issue of alliances has immunized it against fanaticism, extremism and division, Moratinos said, noting that Morocco and Spain reflect a telling example of an alliance of civilizations and coexistence between peoples in a context “where profusion of doctrines and diverging ideas and standpoints lead to wars and conflicts”.
He also underscored the importance of culture as the raison d’être of civilizational values and dialogue, calling nations and peoples to make culture prevail over other material interests.

Miguel Angel Moratinos, who insisted that Morocco is one of the very few countries where the culture of diversity and cohabitation prevails, noted that culture has a role to play in bringing peoples closer, in averting the clash of civilizations and also in struggling against terrorism.

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