Tag: Water Resources

AfDB group to help boost water resources in Morocco through technical assistance

February 13, 2023

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has recently approved a €201,000 grant to Morocco, through its Technical Assistance Fund for Middle-Income Countries, with the objective of ... Read More

Morocco’s King calls for a sound management of water resources amidst an acute water stress

October 14, 2022

King Mohammed VI has called on all stakeholders to urgently address water resources management at a time Morocco is experiencing a period of severe drought ... Read More

Morocco & Hungary determined to strengthen cooperation in water management, road infrastructure

March 11, 2020

Morocco and Hungary are discussing means of strengthening their cooperation in the field of treatment, storage and management of water resources and road infrastructure. This ... Read More

Morocco & EU Ink Agreement for Sustainable Management of Water

April 12, 2018

Morocco and the European Union have signed the "Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area" (PRIMA), a joint international program focusing on the ... Read More

Tunisia: Water Scarcity Hits Country, People Called to Pray for Rain

September 21, 2016

The warning launched last month by Watchwater, Tunisia’s citizen water observatory, about a “thirst uprising” is becoming increasingly evident. The observatory had warned that “the ... Read More

Egypt, Sudan & Ethiopia reach agreement on Nile dam construction

December 30, 2015

Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia Tuesday in Khartoum agreed to change one of the two European companies commissioned to study the impacts of the Ethiopian Grand ... Read More