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Six hundred undocumented Egyptians to be deported from Libya

November 7, 2023

Libya has begun the deportation of 600 undocumented Egyptians who sneaked illegally into the oil-rich African country used as a launch-pad for crossing the Mediterranean ... Read More

Fighting in Tripoli, Libya: More than 50 dead and nearly 150 wounded

August 17, 2023

Heavy fighting between two influential armed groups on the outskirts of the Libyan capital from Monday to Tuesday August 15 evening left at least 50 ... Read More

Egypt announces freedom for six nationals detained in Libya

February 20, 2023

Six Egyptian nationals held in an irregular detention center in western Libya have set free, Egypt’s oreign ministry announced. "According to the information received from ... Read More

Fighting in Libyan capital reaches 23 dead

August 29, 2022

Fighting between militias that broke out on Friday night in Tripoli, against a backdrop of political chaos with two rival governments, left at least 23 ... Read More

Libya accuses unnamed international forces for working against elections

July 26, 2022

Libya’s envoy to the UN, Taher El-Sonni, has blamed several unidentified international forces for plotting against elections in North African country adding that the stability ... Read More

Tunisia warns Libya’s new PM not to use territory as rear base for political ambitions

April 25, 2022

Tunisian authorities have banned Libya’s Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha appointed by the Libyan parliament from using the North African country as a rear base for ... Read More

Several Libyan oil sites now at a standstill after Fathi Bachagha was denied entry to Libya

April 19, 2022

Libya's National Oil Company (NOC) announced on Monday the halt of operations at two major oil sites, the Zouetina terminal and the Al-Charara field, after ... Read More

Egypt’s Al Sisi hosts Haftar, Aqila Saleh to support political process in Libya

March 29, 2022

Egyptian President Fattah al-Sisi hosted on Sunday Khalifa Haftar and House of Representatives’ (HoR) Speaker, Aqila Saleh in Cairo, as part of Egypt’s support for ... Read More

Libya: PM-Designate Fathi Bashagha announces arrival in Tripoli in few days

March 15, 2022

Libya’s Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha has told the Financial Times he will  enter capital Tripoli peacefully, in a few days, after  a first attempt failed. ... Read More

Libya: new PM vows to assume power on Thursday by “the force of law”

March 9, 2022

Libya’s new Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha Tuesday said he will assume power in the capital Tripoli in the two coming days by “the force of ... Read More