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Morocco unveils $590 mln road map to develop tourism

March 17, 2023

Morocco announced a road map worth 6.1 billion Dirhams (590 million dollars) to attract 17.5 million tourists and 12 billion dollars in tourism receipts by ... Read More

East Africa promotes regional, China tourism to reduce over-reliance on US, Europe

March 9, 2023

In their post-Covid recovery plans, East African countries are promoting niche products, such as cruise, adventure, culture and sports tourism, in emerging tourist markets such ... Read More

Morocco, WTO pool forces to promote investment, innovation and digitalization of Tourism

November 26, 2022

The Moroccan Ministry of Tourism & Handicraft, the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO) signed, on Friday in Marrakech, ... Read More

Morocco, Saudi Arabia to cooperate in tourism projects

November 25, 2022

Morocco and Saudi Arabia’s tourism ministers agreed to work together to promote sustainable tourism and promote the exchange of expertise notably in the field of ... Read More

EU to grant Tunisia €100m to weather pandemic-related impacts

November 14, 2022

The European Union, EU, is set to grant Tunisia €100 million earmarked to help the North African country surf the impacts of the pandemic and ... Read More

Gabon, UAE scrap visa requirements for officials

October 28, 2022

Gabon and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have removed visa requirements between the two countries for officials. Michaël Moussa-Adamo signed the deal Wednesday with his ... Read More

UK Travel Agents Meet in Marrakesh to Discuss Travel New Landscape

October 11, 2022

Members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) are meeting in Marrakesh to discuss the industry issues, challenges and the future of travel & ... Read More

African tourism potential to be unlocked by boosting air connectivity

October 7, 2022

While effective air connectivity within Africa is key to unlocking the potentials of tourism on the continent, unfavorable visa regimes, insecurity, high cost of air ... Read More

“Very difficult” 18 months ahead for African banks — Fitch 2022-23 Outlook

September 22, 2022

The next 12-18 months will be “very difficult” for African banks as widespread inflation, currency devaluations and interest-rate hikes sweep the region, a senior director ... Read More

Morocco’s phosphates sales up 81% by July

September 2, 2022

Morocco’s trade balance continues to benefit from higher prices of phosphates and derivatives with sales up 81% to 68.7 billion dirhams by July, the foreign ... Read More