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Former NATO General commends Morocco’s King regional & international leadership

September 18, 2023

King Mohammed VI has mediated conflicts across the Sahel, helped to negotiate over a hundred cooperation agreements and deployed more than 70,000 UN peacekeepers, said ... Read More

An Ode to Morocco on the Financial Times

May 27, 2023

The charm of Morocco with all its picturesque landscape, enchanting centuries-old cities, and enchanting cultural diversity, arts, cuisine and smells were neatly woven in a ... Read More

Financial Times: Morocco’s Stability Enables It to Attract Steady Flow of Investment

January 24, 2019

Morocco has attracted a steady flow of foreign direct investment, unlike the rest of North Africa, which has seen a sharp decline in FDI, said ... Read More

Algerian Regime’s Vested Interest in Business Hampers Genuine Economic Reforms

August 9, 2018

Algerian business tycoons’ close ties with the opaque Algerian regime are making genuine reforms harder to implement as the country faces a crisis reminiscent of ... Read More