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South Africa’s battered ANC seeks coalition to stay in power

June 12, 2024

South Africa’s ANC, which ruled the country for three decades, seeks to join a coalition government after it obtained only 40% of the votes in ... Read More

Carbon tax to slash South Africa’s exports

May 22, 2024

Carbon taxes, which the EU braces to impose, could slash by up to 10% South African exports, the central bank warned. The warning comes as ... Read More

Nigeria, SA call on African countries to develop tourism by boosting collaboration, air connectivity

May 16, 2024

Nigeria's and South Africa's senior government officials have urged African countries to boost collaboration, rather than compete with one another, and work together to improve ... Read More

Shell to divest its South Africa’s downstream business

May 7, 2024

Shell said it will ditch its downstream business in South Africa by divesting its shares in a local company, ending 120 years of operations there. ... Read More

BRICS foil South Africa’s pro-Polisario maneuvers

May 4, 2024

BRICS members meeting in Moscow rejected a South African proposal to include the Polisario separatists’ thesis in the agenda of a meeting on the MENA ... Read More

Criminality grips South Africa as election nears

May 3, 2024

The death of professional football player Luke Fleurs in a car theft in Johannesburg highlights the surge of criminality in South Africa beyond control, casting ... Read More

China’s PLA navy increases African port calls in bid to cement Beijing’s diplomatic ties

April 22, 2024

China’s 45th naval fleet has in recent weeks visited Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar in what experts say is Beijing's show of force designed to help ... Read More

Africa’s ultra-wealthy population to grow by 65% in next decade but thousands flee their home — report

April 19, 2024

Africa has seen a rise in its number of billionaires and its millionaire population is set to rise by 65% over the next 10 years, ... Read More

South Africa’s Rand depreciates after poll showing Zuma’s political return

April 15, 2024

A Bloomberg report on a poll showing a drop in ANC popularity ahead of the upcoming elections was enough to plunge South Africa’s currency, the ... Read More

Rwanda in mourning: Africa and world commemorate 30th genocide anniversary

April 7, 2024

African heads of state gathered in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on Sunday (7 April) as the small African nation marks 30 years since the genocide orchestrated ... Read More