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Morocco’s Mohammed VI Football Academy, a factory for champions (RFI)

December 27, 2022

The outstanding performance of the Moroccan footal team in Qatar 2022 world cup is still reverbating across the globe. In this connection, Radio France Internationale ... Read More

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Benin President calls for following Moroccan model

December 27, 2022

The President of Benin, Patrice Talon, noted that only a few African countries have been carrying the torch at the continental and global levels for ... Read More

Morocco’s Walid Regragui candidate for prize of best coach in the world

December 26, 2022

The coach of Morocco’s football team, Walid Regragui, who has become the first African and Arab technical executive to lead his team to the semi-finals ... Read More

Qatar World Cup exposes racism, hypocrisy of some Western circles

December 20, 2022

Some famous Western media outlets displayed abject racism when Qatar Emir draped a Gulf bisht over the shoulders of Argentina’s star Lionel Messi as he ... Read More

A World Cup like no other for Morocco and Africa

December 19, 2022

Rabat prepares to celebrate the return of Morocco’s national squad that enchanted millions of Moroccans and billions around the world after a memorable run in ... Read More

Memorable World Cup run bolsters Morocco’s clout

December 16, 2022

“Trailblazer”, “a record-breaker” and "watermark" these are the words used by the New York Times to describe Morocco’s unparalleled run in the World Cup as ... Read More