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16 die in Senegal as boats used by migrants capsizes

July 25, 2023

16 people on board a boat used for illegal migration died in the night of Sunday to Monday July 24, after their vessel capsized off ... Read More

Tunisia arrests four citizens for housing illegal migrants

July 6, 2023

A court of the Tunisian second city of Sfax indicated Wednesday that four Tunisians have been arrested and indicted for housing illegal migrants, local media ... Read More

Italy to expulse 12000 illegal migrants including 4000 Tunisians

July 4, 2023

Italy is set to flash out 12000 people from its territory including 4000 Tunisians, for illegal migration, the European country’s Interior minister Matteo Pintedosi has ... Read More

Tunisia foils 8 illegal migration attempts, detains 231 people

November 2, 2022

Tunisia announced Tuesday its National Guards forces curbed eight illegal migration attempts and arrested 213 people from different regions of the country, Anadolu news agency ... Read More

Equatorial Guinea launches purge against illegal migrants “ahead of November 20 elections”

November 2, 2022

Equatorial Guinea authorities have launched a nationwide campaign to expel illegal migrants ahead of November 20 general elections, Anadolu news agency has learned. “In accordance ... Read More