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Tunisian Parliament rubber-stamps cabinet reshuffle

January 27, 2021

Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi won a confidence vote from the parliament for the recent cabinet shake-up that saw the entry of 11 new ministers. ... Read More

Will Emmanuel Macron Meet Ailing President during Wednesday Stopover in Algiers?

December 5, 2017

President Emmanuel Macron of France is expected in Algiers Wednesday, for his first visit since he took office in May, and a meeting with ailing ... Read More

Euronews: Morocco’s Energy, Health Sectors, Success Stories in Africa

January 6, 2017

Euronews has recently published a report shedding light on some of the projects that turned out to be success stories at the continental level, making ... Read More

Sahara: King Launches from Dakhla Development Programs Worth Nearly $ 3 billion

February 8, 2016

King Mohammed VI chaired, on Monday in Dakhla, the launch of several development programs worth nearly $3 billion that will be carried out in the ... Read More

Guinea: Malado Kaba, country’s new Minister of Economy & Finance

January 7, 2016

President Alpha Conde has set Guinea on a new path of economy recovery and investment attraction for his new mandate, new faces and highly qualified ... Read More

Libya: GNC comes up with Libyan-Libyan plan to end crisis

December 30, 2015

Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC) Tuesday proposed its own Libyan-Libyan roadmap to end the political crisis in a counter move to the UN-supported plan which ... Read More

Algerian President’s Health Puts Country in Limbo

April 29, 2013

The health of Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika who suffered a stroke and was flown to Paris on Saturday for further medical check-ups has raised speculations ... Read More

Pope’s Resignation, Unexpected, Unprecedented move

February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI announced this Monday that he would be stepping down from office by the end of the current month, in an unexpected and ... Read More

Morocco: health sector under strict scrutiny

November 2, 2012

For some time now the Moroccan health system has been subject to criticism. High cost for health care has become one of the main concerns ... Read More