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Mali withdraws from anti-terrorism G5-Sahel

May 16, 2022

Mali announced on Sunday evening its withdrawal from the G5 Sahel and its anti-terrorism military force to protest for having been denied the presidency of ... Read More

Morocco reiterates call for joint action against terrorism in Sahel

February 15, 2021

Morocco was officially invited to attend a high-level security summit by member states of the G5-Sahel group, which was created to pool the efforts of ... Read More

G5 Sahel declares coronavirus pandemic the number one enemy of the Force

April 16, 2020

For the G5 Sahel countries, the coronavirus pandemic is now the number one enemy, even before terrorism, as the region has recorded more than 1200 ... Read More

Mali: Another Terror Attack Kills 20 Soldiers

January 27, 2020

In Mali, about 20 soldiers were killed in a pre-dawn attack on an army camp in central Mali on Sunday. According to the government, the ... Read More

France to deploy more soldiers to West Africa, Sahel

January 14, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron and five African leaders agreed that French troops would remain in the Sahel region to fight against Islamist militants and sending ... Read More

Terrorism: Macron meets G5-Sahel Countries’ leaders

January 13, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron is meeting this Monday the presidents of the five countries forming the G5-Sahel, namely Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger, ... Read More

G5 Sahel Summiteers Call for More International Support to Counter Terror Threat

December 16, 2019

Leaders of the G5 Sahel summit, convened Sunday in Niamey, called for enhanced cooperation among member countries of the G5 Sahel group and urged the ... Read More

World losing ground against violence in Sahel – Antonio Guterres

September 26, 2019

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday told delegates at the UN general Assembly that West Africa and international powers are failing to tackle ... Read More

G5 Sahel: AfDB raises about $270 mln to strengthen infrastructure & resilience

September 24, 2019

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has announced a contribution of $267 million to finance the implementation of the Priority Investment Program (PIP) of the G5 ... Read More

Morocco to inject $3.3 million in G5 Sahel counterterrorism force

September 19, 2019

Morocco will donate $3.3 million to the priority investment program of the G5 Sahel joint force tasked with fighting terrorists and insurgents in West Africa. ... Read More