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Algeria’s move to kick out Moroccan farmers from border area opens up eastern border issue

March 19, 2021

By March 18, Moroccan farmers have amassed whatever they could take after Algerian authorities addressed them an ultimatum to leave a border area near Figuig ... Read More

Morocco Opens Doors to Syrian Families Trapped at Borders with Algeria

June 21, 2017

Morocco, which is known for its exceptional generosity and unmatched solidarity with disaster-stricken people and those crying for urgent help from around the world, decided ... Read More

Morocco Denounces in Strongest Terms Algeria’s Expulsion of Syrians to Border Town

April 23, 2017

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry summoned Algeria’s ambassador in Rabat and denounced the expulsion of 54 Syrian migrants by Algerian authorities to the Moroccan border town of ... Read More