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Niger bans export of cereals including rice, millet to curb shortage

July 26, 2023

Niger’s ministry of Trade imposed Tuesday July 25 until further notice a ban on the export of the several cereals including rice and millet, in ... Read More

Africa’s potential to boost US companies’ supply chain security — trade expert

July 25, 2023

As China levies export controls on two critical minerals, gallium and geranium, from August, for US industry dependent upon reliable supply chains, Africa represents a ... Read More

IMF Chief Impressed by Morocco’s Economic progress

June 22, 2023

The Moroccan economy has made remarkable progress and impressive export growth, particularly in industrial sectors such as automotive and renewable energies, said Managing Director of ... Read More

Gabon to unleash $20.5m to support US-bound export over next three years

November 24, 2022

Gabon announced Thursday plans to inject around $20.5 million to support exports towards the U.S over next three years, reports say. Yves Fernand Manfoumbi, the ... Read More

From Chengdu to Casablanca: new rail-sea lines to speed up China-Africa trade

November 7, 2022

China is using new hybrid logistics links or multimodal rail-sea lines to bypass cargo chokepoints in an effort to speed up trade with Africa, where ... Read More

UN report: Africa, still too reliant on commodities exports, needs to diversify

July 26, 2022

Nearly 60% of African countries remain dependent on exports of commodities despite decades-long efforts to diversify. Therefore, a shift especially to technology and financial services, ... Read More

Egypt eyes $7bn trade volume with rest of Africa in 2022

December 1, 2021

Egypt Monday announced plans to raise exports to 10 African countries to $7 billion next year as part of a long term strategy aiming at ... Read More