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EU provides Egypt €6m for irrigation projects

November 19, 2020

The European Union  has granted Egypt €6 million (EGP 111.21 million) for the financing of two irrigation projects, Arab Finance reports, citing the Egyptian state. ... Read More

Nigeria: UK-listed PAS solar to connect 150,000 people to clean electricity

April 8, 2019

In Nigeria, a $10 million line of credit from Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP) and Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI) will help to boost the distribution ... Read More

Rural electrification: Uganda seeks distribution transformers

March 13, 2019

The Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda has received funds for the acquisition of supply and delivery of self-protected distribution transformers. Self-protecting distribution transformers incorporate a ... Read More

BIDC approves financing of a new rural electrification project in Benin

February 8, 2019

The government of Benin plans to electrify about 100 rural communities after securing $28 million loan from the ECOWAS investment and development bank (BIDC). The ... Read More

Morocco ‘Well placed’ to Export Renewables Expertise to Africa – Financial Times

May 30, 2017

Morocco has comparative advantage in terms of sharing experience and expertise in Africa, notably in renewable energies, an area of excellence in the North African ... Read More