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Drug trafficking in Sahel ‘enabled’ by weak rule of law, money laundering, corruption — UNODC report

May 8, 2024

Cocaine, cannabis resin and pharmaceutical opioids are the internationally trafficked drugs most seized in the Sahel, a region used by criminal networks and armed groups ... Read More

West African Sahel sees soaring drug seizures, as UN calls for dismantling trafficking networks

April 22, 2024

Drug trafficking in Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger continues to undermine security and economic development in the West African Sahel region, according to ... Read More

Morocco/drug trafficking: Nearly 1.5 ton of cocaine seized in Tanger-Med Port, about 363 kg of Cocaine grabbed in El Guergarate

January 3, 2024

Police at the Tanger-Med port, foiled, on Tuesday, an international drug trafficking operation and seized one ton, 488 kg and 80 grams of cocaine. This ... Read More

Morocco arrests foreigner wanted in Germany for drug trafficking

December 25, 2023

Morocco's police arrested, on Sunday at Tangier Ibn Batouta Airport, a foreign national, subject of an international arrest warrant issued by German judicial authorities, for ... Read More

Madagascar: President’s Chief of Staff arrested by British Crime Agency over corruption

August 15, 2023

The National Crime Agency (NCA), the United Kingdom’s lead agency against organized crime, human, weapon, drug trafficking, cybercrime and economic crime has arrested and detained ... Read More

Sahel: armed groups, illicit arms trade fuels drug trafficking — UNODC report

June 27, 2023

Drug trafficking continues to thrive in the Sahel, home to 300 million people and a buyer’s market for guns, because of non-state armed groups which ... Read More

Benin sentences Dutch man to 15 years in prison for possession of “high risk” drug

May 31, 2023

Benin’s Court of Economic Crimes and Terrorism Repression (CRIET) pressed Tuesday 15 years in prison sentence against a Dutch man for possession and sale of ... Read More

Tunisian policeman apprehended for drug trafficking

May 31, 2023

A Court in Tunisia ordered the arrest of police officer found in possession of 396 tablets of ecstasy, on his way to capital Tunis from ... Read More

Algerian Connection: Spain seizes a 322-Kg cocaine shipment en route to Oran

May 27, 2023

Spanish authorities have seized lately 322 kg of cocaine at Algeciras Port (Cadiz). The cocaine, worth several million US dollars, was concealed in a container ... Read More

Marrakech airport security arrest Brazilian couple over cocaine smuggling

April 24, 2023

Police at the Marrakesh-Menara International Airport arrested on Sunday a Brazilian couple aged 26 and 29, for trying to smuggle in 1 kg and 260 ... Read More