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Morocco captures 114 illegal migrants before they reach Canary Islands

November 12, 2021

A total of 114 illegal migrants were intercepted Thursday off coast of the Southern Moroccan province of Laayoune while they were attempting to reach the ... Read More

Polisario Puts Racism towards Sub-Saharans on the Record, Talking of “black danger”

February 9, 2020

The separatist Polisario militias have issued recently a racist statement describing Sub-Saharans in Laayoune in derogatory terms and warning of a “black” invasion of the ... Read More

Spain Dismantles 26-member Human Trafficking Network

February 4, 2020

Spanish police Monday said it has rounded up 26 people organized in a network which has been trafficking immigrants to the European country, mainly from ... Read More

Migration: Drop of arrivals in Spain means more pressure in Morocco

July 9, 2019

Morocco has stepped up its efforts to curb crossings to Spain foiling some 40,000 migration attempts so far this year but pressure remains high on ... Read More

The Terrorist Past of Polisario’s New PM

February 19, 2018

Polisario's warmonger leadership appointed recently Mohamed Ouali Akeik, a perpetrator of terrorist attacks, as its new Prime Minister. The new Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed ... Read More

Spanish King Hears Victims of Polisario Terrorism

January 17, 2018

King Felipe VI of Spain received the chairman of the Canary Islands Association for Terrorism victims (Acavite), Lucia Jiménez, who briefed him about the terrorist ... Read More

Canary Islands Government Chief Lambasted for “Lavish” sent to Tindouf Camps

November 26, 2017

The Popular Party has rebuked the head of the local government of the Canary Islands, Antonio Morales, for granting the Tindouf camps an excessive aid ... Read More

Polisario’s Delirium Concerning Morocco’s Territorial Waters

July 7, 2017

Faithful to its disinformation campaigns and propaganda methods, the Polisario issued a statement condemning Morocco’s adoption of a legal text providing for the demarcation of ... Read More

Morocco Set to Demarcate Maritime Boundaries with Canary Islands

July 6, 2017

Morocco announced it will proceed to the delimitation of its territorial waters and its maritime borders with the Spanish Canary Islands in the Atlantic ocean. ... Read More

Morocco Reaps Benefits of Royal Leadership in Sahara Issue- Spanish Paper

June 11, 2017

Morocco has scored precious diplomatic points in the UN-led negotiations to settle the Sahara issue, thanks to the leadership of King Mohammed VI, said Spanish ... Read More