Libya: Unity government composition begins in Skhirat

Libya: Unity government composition begins in Skhirat

Talks for the composition of the Libyan future Government of National Accord (GNA) have begun Thursday after Bernardino Leon called all parties to return to Morocco.

Formation of the unity government will go on as planned by UNMIL Chief Leon despite significant stirs in the dialogue process between the two rival factions, namely the House of Representative (HoR) recognised by the international community and the General National Congress supported by militias in Tripoli.

Wednesday, Leon called on the two rival negotiating teams to return to Skhirat to move on with the appointment of the future GNA members.

Reports also said that Libyan independent and civil society stakeholders in the Libyan Dialogue have been present in the Moroccan city and met with Leon on Wednesday to discuss Friday talks’ points.

Amid division and rejection of the Leon’s amended Libyan Draft, the HoR has sent back two delegates to the Skhirat round of talks after it had recalled members of its team for consultation. Sadiq Idris Mohamed and Saleh Huma members of the team travelled to Morocco while Emhemed Shouaib, the Deputy President of HoR and head of the team and Abubakr Baera, have remained in Skhirat.

Meanwhile confusion took place in Tripoli Thursday as a GNC meeting to name the candidates to participate in GNA was disrupted by militia-men who stormed the building.

Reports said heavy armed men allegedly opposed to the Dialogue were behind the raid. Unconfirmed reports also added that roads leading to the building were closed off and gunfire heard across Tripoli.

Though Leon accepted some of GNC’s demands, voices within the GNC including Salah Badi, Sami Saadi, and Abdurraouf Al-Manaie are still opposed to the July Draft and the Dialogue process.

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