Algeria: 12 Syrian migrants died of thirst & hunger in southern desert

Algeria: 12 Syrian migrants died of thirst & hunger in southern desert

Twelve Syrian migrants have been found dead in Algeria’s southern desert province of Illizi, NGOs announced on Monday, saying that the Syrians died of thirst and starvation.

Algeria is blamed for the death of these migrants who lost their life on its soil without receiving assistance, which makes the Algerian regime accountable for these deaths.

The Algerian authorities have a history of treating migrants and refugees brutally, including arrest and dumping them in the desert without food or water.

Two years ago, Algeria has deported over 60 Syrian and Palestinian refugees to the desert border of Niger where they were abandoned to their fate, in blatant violation of the Geneva Convention.

Tens of thousands of irregular migrants from West and Central Africa have been expelled from Algeria, according to United Nations statistics.

UN special rapporteur on human rights for migrants had denounced Algeria’s summary expulsions of African migrants to Niger after the Algerian authorities deported more than 35,000 Africans without giving them a chance to apply for asylum.

Some migrants told Human Rights Watch that they have suffered violence by Algerian authorities who took their money and possessions and separated them from their families, in utter violation of international laws.

Many of these migrants have died on the borders with Niger, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said.


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