Tindouf:  Outrage Erupts Against Polisario Following a Brutal Murder

Tindouf: Outrage Erupts Against Polisario Following a Brutal Murder

Tindouf is gripped by an unprecedented uprising, plunging the region into chaos following a revolt against the terrorist group Polisario. Spanish media reports that the savage murder of a young Sahrawi, found in a trash bin, has sparked a devastating wave of anger.
The camps in Tindouf are now the scene of an insurrection following this brutal murder, with the young man’s body carelessly thrown into a trash bin. Media footage shows protesters expressing their fury towards Polisario and its leaders, decrying the lack of justice and legality under the Sahrawi administration while targeting Brahim Ghali and his close associates.
“The situation has become uncontrollable,” reports the Spanish daily Larazon, quoting Algerian activist Oualid Kébir who comments on Polisario’s inability to manage the crisis.
Criticized for its authoritarian and opaque management of the Sahrawi refugee camps, Polisario, supported by Algeria, is accused of numerous human rights violations. This movement is often seen not as a representative of the Sahrawis but as a tool of Algerian politics. Under its aegis, the camps have turned into lawless zones where corruption, suppression of dissent, and diversion of international aid have become commonplace.
This profound crisis exacerbates the distress of the Sahrawis, trapped in an endless conflict with no apparent solution, worsened by Algeria’s ongoing support for Polisario despite international calls for more fair and transparent management.

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