Aeronautics: Big U.S. companies set up in Morocco plant specialized in passenger-to-freighter conversion

Aeronautics: Big U.S. companies set up in Morocco plant specialized in passenger-to-freighter conversion

American companies Kansas Modification Center (KMC), Stratos Industries, and Integrated Aerospace Alliance (IAA) have chosen Casablanca to install their plant specialized in the conversion of Boeing passenger planes into cargo aircraft.

The announcement was made lately by the three partners in a joint press release. They chose the North African Kingdom for its political stability, incentives granted to investors, skilled workforce, and good performance of local aeronautic sector.

For their passenger to freighter (P2F) conversion project, the three U.S. partners will build on the capabilities of the rapidly expanding aviation industry in Morocco with the 777-300ER P2F engineering and certification capabilities of KMC and the aerospace engineering, certification, and program management skills of IAA.

The project will also include the development of a 777-300ER P2F production facility at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca.

With the construction of three wide-body aircraft hangars in Morocco by Stratos, KMC will be in a position to increase its 777-300ER P2F production output up to eight additional aircraft per year.

The Moroccan project will allow the American companies to meet the growing global demand for 777-300ER freighters and of its clients in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The 777-300ER P2F project in Morocco will be further enhanced with the construction and operations of a wide-body aircraft paint hangar by another Stratos strategic partner.

Morocco’s aeronautical ecosystem currently accounts for about 142 companies with a turnover of around $2 billion in exports. The sector employs 17,000 persons, 40% of whom are women.

The Moroccan government has been investing heavily in the aerospace sector to attract foreign investment and develop a skilled workforce and consequently to create a sustainable aerospace industry.

The country has invested in the development of advanced industrial platforms, specialized training centers, and advanced infrastructure to attract both domestic and foreign investors.

With the growing number of companies operating in Morocco, the demand for aircraft maintenance services has increased, leading to an emerging competitive industry.

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