Morocco/Earthquake: UN coordinates response actions with Rabat

Morocco/Earthquake: UN coordinates response actions with Rabat

The United Nations has said it is discussing with Moroccan authorities UN offer to support in the assessment, coordination and response to the situation following the devastating earthquake that hit the North African Kingdom.

During his daily briefing in New York, Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for Secretary-General said Moroccan authorities are leading the response and have deployed massive efforts, including medical personnel and equipment.

Many people are sheltering outdoors, with electricity, internet and roads having been cut off in some places, he added, affirming that roadblocks caused by the earthquake are gradually being lifted as rubble is being removed by Moroccan authorities.

“This no doubt has an impact on children and UNICEF has already mobilized humanitarian staff to support the immediate response on the ground,” said the UN spokesperson.

In close coordination with the Moroccan authorities and UN partners, UNICEF has voiced readiness to further support the humanitarian response as necessary to reach children and families affected with critical supplies and support, underlined M. Stéphane Dujarric.

Responding to a question about the foreign rescuers from four countries (Spain, UK, Qatar, UAE) deployed in the quake-stricken villages in the Atlas Mountain, the spokesperson for the UN Chief said it is “the sovereign decision of any country to decide how it moves forward on assistance, depending on their own capacity”.

The United Nations is in constant touch with the Moroccan authorities, he stressed, citing in this regard the example of the UNICEF which has staff on the ground and other UN programs that are working in assisting as much as they can.

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