Earthquake: Moroccans’ noteworthy, unprecedented wave of solidarity

Earthquake: Moroccans’ noteworthy, unprecedented wave of solidarity

Immediately following the tragic earthquake that struck several regions in Morocco last Friday night, Moroccans from all walks of life showed a remarkable solidarity and rushed to rescue, assist, and help the disaster victims overcome their ordeal.

This wave of solidarity demonstrated the unity of Moroccans and their ability to endure adversity with dignity, patience, and thoughtful responses. As soon as the shock of the earthquake subsided, a noteworthy solidarity movement, described as ‘the largest of its kind’ started, with thousands of Moroccans from within and outside the country rushing to assist the victims of the earthquake.

In perfect harmony and cooperation, government authorities, the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, civil protection, public forces, medical teams, civil society volunteers, and ordinary citizens, all joined the movement to provide relief to the quake victims. Citizens from across the country came forward with initiatives to provide both in-kind and financial aid to the victims. Moroccans also stood in long lines to donate blood to save those who could be saved.

Whether they were doctors, pharmacists, architects, merchants, businessmen, rescue personnel, retirees, or housewives, all layers of the Moroccan society rallied to answer the call of conscience.

Associations, charitable organizations, and individuals have organized campaigns to collect essential in-kind donations to address the difficult circumstances faced by those affected in the earthquake-stricken areas, particularly food, blankets, bedding, and warm clothing.

Images shared on social media showed countless caravans of vehicles, loaded with food and medical products, coming from various cities and regions of the kingdom, attempting to reach the affected areas to hand the assistance to individuals directly or to aid-distribution centres.

Under the supervision of authorities, several public spaces were transformed into centres to collect food and various products.

This solidarity movement also highlighted the active involvement of all, women and men, young girls and teenager boys, and even children, taking turns to load vehicles before they drive to the tremor-hit areas in the Haouz.

These aid campaigns coincide with the establishment of an exceptional government fund, established by royal decree, which will collect millions of dirhams in monetary donations from governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as from citizens to assist the victims and reconstruct the destroyed areas.

The earthquake, the most powerful in the recent history of the kingdom, was terrifying, with a heavy death toll, a large number of injured, and immense damage. However, Morocco, strengthened by the determination of its citizens and their resolve to face all hardships, shall, as it has always done, heal its wounds and overcome this hardship with patience and dignity.

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