Arab League: Rabat calls for neighborliness, respect of territorial integrity of Arab States

Arab League: Rabat calls for neighborliness, respect of territorial integrity of Arab States

Morocco has called on Arab countries to respect neighborliness and territorial integrity of Arab league member countries to counter the current regional & international challenges.

Addressing the Arab League Council of foreign ministers which convened Wednesday in Cairo under the chairmanship of the Kingdom, Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita said the complex crises affecting Arab countries require inter-Arab coordination and a common vision based on a strong political will, neighborliness and respect of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Arab states.

Bourita’s remarks send a strong message to neighboring Algerian regime which continues its hostile policy against Morocco after cutting diplomatic ties with Rabat, closed air space to Moroccan planes and shutdown the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline crossing the North African Kingdom.

Morocco’s top diplomat said his country, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, is pushing for regional partnership and cooperation to enable Arab countries to address common development challenges.

The Royal vision for Arab cooperation, which is based on a solidarity strategy, seeks to create an atmosphere conducive to the settlement of bilateral disputes, advancing joint Arab action and building trust among Arab countries, explained Bourita.

After congratulating Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for gaining BRICS membership, the Minister stressed the importance for the Arab league of strengthening cooperation ties with other regional groupings to serve the economic and political interests of the Arab world.

The Palestinian cause will remain top of priorities of joint Arab action, said Mr. Bourita, citing in this regard the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to support Palestinian’s legitimate rights thanks to King Mohammed VI, Chairman of the Al-Quds Committee.

On the situation in some Arab countries rocked by political crises, wars and conflicts, such as Syria, Yemen and Sudan, Mr. Bourita voiced Morocco’s hope to see stability in these countries thanks to dialogue and peaceful initiatives, far from the logic of force and military solutions.

During its Cairo meeting, the Arab league ministerial council lauded Morocco’s efforts made for the settlement of the Libyan crisis and stressed the importance of the full implementation of the political deal, sealed in 2015 in Skhirate, as a basis for reaching a political solution to Libyan crisis.

In the fight against terrorism, the Arab League urged Arab countries to continue benefiting from Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema and the Mohammed VI Institute for the training of Imams, Morchidines and Morchidates in Morocco, hailing the Kingdom’s decision of hosting UN Office for Counter-Terrorism and Training in Africa (UNOCT).

The Council of the Arab League also expressed full support for Morocco’s bid to chair the 18th session of Human Rights Council in 2024.

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