Morocco tops raspberries suppliers to UK

Morocco tops raspberries suppliers to UK

Morocco has stepped up its raspberries exports becoming the top supplier for key markets such as the UK where it sold $86 million in 2022 of the reddish-pink fruit, specialized farming website East Fruits reported.

Morocco’s raspberries exports to the UK grew 40 times to 15,800 tons this season as many Moroccan farmers see opportunities in the growing demand for the fruit.

East Fruit noted that demand for fresh Moroccan raspberries surged following Brexit as British importers were open to new alternative sellers.

In the UK, the fifth largest importer of fresh raspberries in the world in 2022, Moroccan exports represented 55% of fresh raspberries imports.

Morocco has quintupled its raspberries exports over the last six years, selling 60,000 tons last year.

The UK also was the key importer of fresh raspberries from Morocco in the MY 2022/23 with the share of 25% in Morocco’s total exports.

In recent months, media reports showed a tendency among growers of tomatoes to shift to farming more lucrative raspberries.

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