AU PSC: Morocco determined to share its experience of democratic governance with African countries

AU PSC: Morocco determined to share its experience of democratic governance with African countries

Morocco has reiterated before the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union its determination to make its experience in democratic and electoral governance available to sisterly African countries.

This willingness stems from King Mohammed VI’s guidelines, which aim to contribute, along with all African countries wishing to do so, to the emergence of an Africa that takes charge of its own electoral processes and, to this end, equips itself with sound and credible institutional capacities to validate them, stressed the Moroccan delegation at a PSC meeting held on Monday and devoted to examining the AU Commission chairperson’s biannual report on elections in Africa.

The Moroccan delegation reaffirmed that for decades, Morocco has chosen to build a democratic and modern model of society, an irreversible choice based on the rule of law, the participation of all citizens in political life, the separation of powers, the decentralization of power and the establishment of mechanisms for control, accountability, and good governance.

It noted that following the success of the 1st cycle of training for election observers in Africa, which aims to contribute effectively to building the capacity of election observers, Morocco in partnership with the AU Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security organized, in May 2023, as underlined in the report of the chairperson of the AU Commission, the 2nd cycle of the above-mentioned training, constituting a capital step in the consolidation of the partnership between Morocco and the AU in supporting and strengthening political governance in Africa.

This 2nd edition, marked by an increase in the number of beneficiaries, from 32 to 61, from the five regions of the continent, draws its strength from the call of the 36th AU Summit, held in February 2023, to continue this exercise in strengthening African capacities in favor of better political governance in Africa, through inclusive, credible, regular and transparent electoral processes, added the Moroccan delegation.

During the meeting, the Moroccan delegation reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to continuing to develop the capacities of the African continent “in order to build, together, a new vision of our common future towards the Africa we want, and we therefore support all measures aimed at enshrining democratic practices in Africa, because there is no better way to ‘silence the weapons’ than to let democracy speak through free elections”.


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