Burkina Faso introduces new taxes to raise fund to fight terrorism

Burkina Faso introduces new taxes to raise fund to fight terrorism

Burkina Faso has introduced new taxes including levies on telephone services in a bid to raise funds to be used in the fight against terrorism, the West African country’s news agency (AIB) announced.

Aboubakar Nacanabo, the Minister of Economy announced the taxes on telephone services, re-subscription of private cable television channels and sale of land outside housing estates.

The decision has imposed 5 per cent tax on new telephone services, 10 per cent on re-subscription and one per cent for sale of land outside housing development.

The decision is in line with June 30 law rubber-stamped by President Ibrahim Traoré, introducing special levies on certain goods and services, for the benefit of the Patriotic Support Fund (FSP).

Minister Nacanabo, the agency noted, urged companies to pay back the full amount of the levies collected, as part of the fight against terrorism. The West African country, according to the same minister, has raised around 46 million euro for the FSP through levies on tobacco, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The West African country has been grappling since 2015 with terrorism and banditry. Several attacks staged by terror groups have caused the death of thousands of civilians and caused internal and external displacement of populations.

Burkina Faso has decreed a “state of emergency” in eight of the 13 regions that make up the country. Authorities still have lost control of 40 per cent of the territory.

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