Spanish PM hails as ‘Strategic’ partnership with Morocco

Spanish PM hails as ‘Strategic’ partnership with Morocco

President of the Spanish Government Pedro Sánchez has reaffirmed the “solid ties” existing between Rabat and Madrid, and hailed the “dynamic cooperation” and “strategic partnership” between the two kingdoms.

“In the context of Spain’s foreign policy, we have strong ties with Morocco of all kinds, but above all human ties created by our citizens and also by our companies,” stressed Sánchez in an article published Monday in the magazine Política Exterior.

“Spain is Morocco’s leading trading partner and third largest investor,” the head of the Spanish government recalled in the article.

In this regard, Sánchez welcomed the results of the latest High-Level Meeting held in Rabat last February, the first in 8 years, which was crowned by the signing of several agreements.

“We will continue to promote a strategic relationship with Morocco, consolidating the roadmap agreed in 2022,” said the President of the Spanish Executive.

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