President Tebboune confirms Algeria’s status as vassal state of Russia in North Africa

President Tebboune confirms Algeria’s status as vassal state of Russia in North Africa

President Tebbboune has willingly thrown his country in the arms of Russia, confirming Algiers status as a satellite state of Moscow, in a move that will anger the West and probably draw sanctions on Algeria.

Following months of swinging between France and Russia, Tebboune has officially hedged the Algerian wagon to the Russian train. Speaking to Putin, Tebboune said his country’s friendship with Russia is unaffected by “international pressure.”

Reflecting the vassal status of his country, Tebboune even said “…protecting our independence has been achieved thanks to a strong support of Russia in arming us and defending our freedom in a difficult regional context.”

The $11 billion arms deal signed between Algeria and Moscow was confirmed during this visit by Defense minister Sergei Shoigu who said the transaction remains in place and denied reports Russia was unable to supply Algeria with weapons due to its war effort in Ukraine.

The deal triggered calls from members in the US Congress to impose sanctions on Algeria for arming Russian invasion in Ukraine.

As the Ukrainians launch their counter-offensive, Tebboune is in Russia highlighting Moscow’s role in arming the country and signing strategic partnerships.

For economists, Algeria is not a partner of Russia but rather a client who depends on Moscow for the bulk of its armament.

Russia’s first two trading partners in Africa are notably Morocco and Egypt followed by Algeria in the third place.

Tebboune has given Putin a precious prize as he seeks to undermine western sanctions and received nothing in return but more deals for Russian weapons that are proving inefficient in Ukraine.

Tebboune also told Putin Algeria seeks BRICS membership to break away with the Euro and the Dollar. Actually, the two countries signed a deal to use local currencies in transactions in another move that will trigger a response from the West.

In his introductory address before the closed-door meeting with Putin, the Algerian president mentioned issues of common concern such as Libya and said Algiers is ready to back Moscow in the Sahel and Mali in particular.

Such a statement deals the final nail to Macron’s unrequited love with Tebboune and puts Algeria in the same boat as Russia amid turbulent waters.

In return, Tebboune returned empty-handed regarding the main issue of Algerian diplomacy: the Sahara. Russia continues to maintain its longstanding position in favor of a UN solution.

In Algiers-Moscow ties, Russia has leverage over its customer of arms as it continues to view Algeria as a competitor in the gas market who has taken its market share after sanctions foiling Moscow’s weaponization of gas supply.

Algeria has now made its position clear and should brace for a response from the West.

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