CAF rejects Polisario membership, dealing another hard blow to Algerian regime and its puppet

CAF rejects Polisario membership, dealing another hard blow to Algerian regime and its puppet

The Algeria military junta and its polisario separatist puppet have suffered another humiliating setback after the African football governing body (CAF) rejected the membership of the puppet entity, which is armed, funded and sheltered by the Algerian regime.

This new diplomatic setback was reported Monday by Africa Intelligence magazine. According to the regulations of the Confederation of African Football, only football leagues of independent countries and UN members can join CAF. Thus, the Polisario team cannot participate in African tournaments or championships organized by the African football confederation.

In a desperate move to bypass this obstacle, Head of the Algerian Football Federation Djahid Zefizef submitted to CAF the Polisario’s membership bid. But the application was dismissed as the self-proclaimed “SADR” is not recognized by the United Nations and lacks international legitimacy.

The resounding failure is a slap in the face of the Algerian rulers and their armed militias, who are becoming more and more disoriented as their deceptive propaganda is no longer working, while Morocco continues gaining growing international support for its territorial integrity and sovereignty over its entire Saharan territory.

During CAF General Assembly held last August in Tanzania, Head of Algerian football federation had tried to no avail to change the CAF regulations to enable the separatists to join the Confederation of African Football.

However, only a member of the Executive Committee of the African football governing body, with the support of two other members, can submit application for the amendment of CAF regulations. Furthermore, the adoption of any amendment requires the approval by three quarters of votes.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation has signed partnership deals with 44 African soccer associations, making it one of the heavyweight federations in Africa.

As Head of Algerian Football association is not member of CAF Executive Committee, he is now running for a seat for the North Africa region but he has little chance against his Libyan rival Abdulhakim Alshelmani expected to be easily re-elected during upcoming CAF General Assembly scheduled for July 13 in Cotonou, Benin.

Instead of addressing the failures of Algerian football at the Qatar’s World Cup qualifiers and the latest African Cup of Nations, the Algerian authorities are squandering their petrodollars on a lost cause, seeking to purchase a CAF seat for their puppet entity only to undermine the territorial integrity of their neighbor.

To maintain their grip on power and deflect the public attention from the deepening political crisis and the deteriorating socioeconomic situation, the ruling Algerian junta continues senseless anti-Moroccan campaign, sailing the region into unchartered waters.

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