Tindouf Camps boiling, anger against Polisario intensifying

Tindouf Camps boiling, anger against Polisario intensifying

Anger continues to build up in the Tindouf camps which are rocked by growing demonstrations making Polisario leaders uncomfortable and responding with more repression and arrests of protesters including women.

Demonstrators have set fire to cars belonging to the separatist front, while another group burnt a pharmacy belonging to the son of the so-called interior minister of the terrorist movement.

The protesters know very well the story of this pharmacy and the role of Maryam Imadeh who used her influence so that her son traveled to Cuba to study medicine. After his graduation, he returned to the Tindouf camps to take over medical assignment.

The demonstrations are getting more and more heated with the protestors starting to storm now the buildings of the Algeria-backed separatist group and even the HQ of Polisario chief Brahim Ghali. The intensification of the protests comes after the attack of Polisario militias against the family of Saharan detainee Mohamed Salem Maa El Ainin Asweed.

The demonstration, which took place in front of Brahim Ghali’s office, was violently suppressed by the Polisario militia, using excessive force, resulting in the injury of several people, including women, and detention of a dozen of protesters.

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