Arab world urges Morocco to show the way in automobile industry

Arab world urges Morocco to show the way in automobile industry

The Arab parliament has urged Morocco to make available its experience and know-how in the automobile industry to other Arab countries so the latter can set up robust automobile industries, reports.

The call came Tuesday from members of the Committee of the Arab Parliament in charge of scientific research, innovation and digital during a meeting between the Arab Parliament and House of Councilors of Morocco – the upper house of the kingdom’s legislature.

The Arab Parliament delegation was headed by its Speaker Adel bin Abdurrahman Al-Assoomi.

The Committee also urged the North African country to consider the construction of a shipyard on its soil for Arab countries, the media adds. During the meeting, Ryad Mezzour, Morocco’s Minister of Trade and Industry, recalled that Morocco  is planning to manufacture 2 millions cars per annum.

“We are positioned behind China and India in automotive production, for which Morocco has adopted a strong and important strategy”, he said.

Mezzour also informed the Arab parliamentarians that the Kingdom’s industrial integration rate now stands at 69 per cent because of the new strategy and skills of Moroccan technicians.

Morocco this month lifted the curtain on two prototypes made by Moroccans in the field of the automotive sector. The first was a conventional car targeting the wider public named “Neo Motors” and the second was a forward-looking hydrogen-powered car.

Industry represents some 25% of Morocco’s GDP with the automotive sector, in particular topping manufactured exports in 2022, with 111 billion dirhams (or 11 billion dollars), up 33%.

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