Togo kick-starts preparations to host 9th Panafrican Congress in 2024

Togo kick-starts preparations to host 9th Panafrican Congress in 2024

Victoire Dogbé, Togo’s Premier set the tone for the preparations for the 9th Panafrican Congress to take place next year in capital Lome, the fourth time the summit is being held on the African soil.

For the head of the executive, the congress should be an opportunity to “respond to the need to ensure historical continuity of the Pan-African movement, but also to reaffirm its inescapable importance in the efforts and collective momentum of the peoples of Africa and the African Diasporas for a better representation of the continent in multilateral institutions of international cooperation and for its equitable participation in global governance.”

The preparations include a set of activities ranging from the appointment of the members of the International Committee to the tour of the revival of Pan-Africanism in several countries of the continent and among the diasporas, through the mobilization campaign and international communication or the appointment of subcommittees in charge of the thematic work.

The 2024 vent will revolve around “Revival of Pan-Africanism and Africa’s Role in the Reform of Multilateral Institutions: Mobilizing Resources and Reinventing Itself for Action” as theme.

South Africa, Congo and the African Union Commission and several institutions have thrown their support behind Togo to host the congress. The West African country becomes the fourth country of the continent to host the summit after Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. The 5 first summits were held outside the continent, in Europe and the U.S. which hosted the fourth congress.

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